15 February 2009

Singles Awareness Day

15 February 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! And Happy 28th Anniversary Mom and Dad! You guys are 2 of my favorite people on this planet and I cant wait to give you both a big hug upon my return!

Here’s some silly Valentine’s –ish music for you people…..

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To catch up on my first week of classes…Wednesdays are barbaric! Cardona’s class is fine, Basilio’s is way too long, and Latin American Lit is just torture. Oh well. At least that’s my only bad day! I got my cartilage pierced on the 10th. That thing hurts! It’s still sore even though its feeling a lot better today. That doesn’t really make sense though because yesterday while doing my hair, I accidentally punched my ear right in the cartilage. Ooops. I screamed for about 7 seconds straight and then put a bag of frozen peas on it, haha! For Valentine’s Day we intended to go to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, but they had no place left all night and we went to an Indian restaurant instead. It was actually pretty good! Afterwards, we went to Oveja Negra for some delicious sangria. Yummm!

Tomorrow marks my ½ year point in Barca. How ridiculous. I seriously cant believe I survived this long. Before I left I was so worried that I would be crying myself to sleep every night due to homesickness, but I have surprised even myself! Even though I love and miss the fam, being away from them just makes me appreciate them more! I also got some very frightening e-mails recently saying: a) I have to decide what day I want to fly home home on before March comes around—yikes! and b) I have to sign up for my oral proficiency exam which I must pass in order to become a Spanish teacher. HORRIFIED! They’re all “oh do it soon after you get back because that’s the most fluent you’ll be in your life!” Umm, I sure hope not! As much as I love Barca, its definitely not the place to go to learn Spanish! Oh well…I’ll just have a shot or two before calling the testers, hahah! …half kidding.

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