31 August 2008

old men, speedos, 3 o'clock

25 Aug 2008

Classes sucked. The way we learn things here totally clashes with the way we learned things back home. Sooo, I’m at the point where I don’t know anything anymore =( After class, Amy, Carolyn, Kelly, and I went to Clots to look at an apartment. Nice, but out of the way. Then we went to Happy Bar & Grill where we had the day’s special for 9,95—gazpacho, margarita pizza, & tiramisu…SO GOOD! And our waiter was adorable, so yeah. He spoke to us in Spanish the whole time, and was just a little giggly guy who winked at us!

27 Aug 2008

So my sickness, or whatever, escalated for a day or two, but now I think its winding down (OJALÁ). Today after class we went to a store by school called “Blanco,” and they had the cutest stuff! I could have easily dropped 100€ in there, but I decided to restrain myself and just bought a rockin’ pair of earrings! A couple of us went to see a group of apartments yesterday, but there was only one room I liked, mainly because it had a balcony that lead out to the street. I figured I could do better so I called another place and went to see it. So it’s on the first floor (not the ground floor, but one up), we get to the door, and Karol opens the door and my first thought was, “Oh, hello Karol…I see you’re not wearing any pants!” No joke! She was wearing a tank top and either swim suit bottoms or underwear. But whatever, she didn’t seem to care, so I just went with it! Then we see her creeper bohemian buddy chillin on the couch—he doesn’t live there. So I see the place, and it’s real cute. However, it was really messy and 4 girls would have to share 1 bathroom…and idk about that. I told her I wanted to rent it anyways since I was sick of looking and she gave me the whole “I’m glad you liked it, but I’ve got other people coming to look at it. I’ll let you know by the end of the weekend.” Whatever!!

28 August 2008

This morning we watched “La Colmena” (The Beehive) today instead of going to our first 3 classes. Interesting movie…Anyways, we were walking through the courtyard to get to our classes and there’s all these people there, lots of equipment, and makeup stations. As it turns out, they’re filming a movie in our courtyard! Our teacher told us we should all volunteer to be extras. They probably wouldn’t have taken me even if I wanted since I’m so incredibly white. Whatever. I’m going all out of order, but on the way to school we got told to “be quite! No one talks on the bus! Everyone’s staring at you! Like, you can talk, but don’t talk loud. Everyone’s looking, so don’t talk loud…” Yeah. WE GET IT! The bus has library etiquette for some reason. In other news, the zipper on my bag is broken, the little shit. It works, but you have to be holding it at a specific angle while pinching them together. How effing lame! Thanks a lot Urban Outfitters! We’ve got a meeting soon to discuss classes for the year. I really hope it doesn’t last long because I have got a ridiculous amount of homework to do. Booo!

30 Aug 2008

So we went to this suuuuper lame discoteca Friday. No joke—rave music all night, flashing lights, and a stage where a scary European woman was singing while people in scantily clad dominatrix outfits swayed behind her. Sooooo bizarre. Saturday night we went to Fiesta de Sants (like fiesta de gracia but in a different neighborhood). They had bands all over the place in all the crazy decorated streets. They sang some American songs (Grease medley, the song from the Venus commercial, and a Tom Jones song) which was hilarious. So we danced and sang along to their very incorrect lyrics, haha! So great.

31 August 2008

I still hadn’t heard from Karol, so we went to see on that is like 3 minutes walking distance from the UB. LOVE IT! Me, my current roommie, and one of my AGD sisters Kelly all got rooms in the same flat! We got so lucky. One girl who was going to live in one of our rooms agreed to switch into the other flat. We'll def going to give her some wine and thank you note for being so nice! There are 2 other girls in the flat--one is from Taiwan and has been living in that flat for 2 years, and the other chick is from England. But yada yada, i'll put pics up after I move in! So we somehow have to get enough money to pay 2 months rent (approx 920). But the effing ATM’s are giving me shit! I could only get 300 € out, and am at a loss for how I’m going to get the other 600 by tomorrow. Lucky me, I’ll end up having to skip class to get a cash advance and then pay like 6 billion euros in interest. Effing lame! I hate money! However, my mom is still my hero, even from across the world! I guess cash advance wont be so bad after all! She certainly is a doll. Those parents of mine can always make everything better! Anyways, after our successful rental, we went to Barceloneta and hit the beach! SO pretty! Even though everyone says it’s a dirty beach, I could really care less. I mean, its not like I’m licking the sand or anything!! Water was the perfect temperature and it was nice and sunny out! It’s still crazy to think that I’m living in a place where you can go swimming in the Mediterranean, see palm trees everywhere, and where you are surrounded by mountains….ridic! Anyways, tomorrow should be interesting. I’ll have to learn some banking terminology asap!

I'll be putting more pictures in these links as they surface, so stay tuned!!

Festa de Sants

Spanish Swing Orchestra? They were awesome!!

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