01 September 2008

41 Muntaner!

1 Sept 2008

Sorry for the quick update, just wanted to send out a FYI that there were no problems whatsoever with the money situation! I got 300 euros out of the ATM at school, and then got the remaining 350 as a cash advance during break. I feel SO much better now! So we went early to give him the stuff—no problems there either. Me and Amy picked rooms. I chose the smaller of the 2, but it has a mini walk out balcony that faces diagonally out onto the street! It’s so pretty! I also like cozy rooms =). So we got keys to our rooms, the flat, the elevator, and the apartment building door. Sweet thing is that they’re all skeleton keys! So I’ve not a nice little ring o’ keys now! We also found out our landlord’s name today. We were all chatting while he showed us how all keys work and he goes “oh, happy birthday Kelly,” since her birthday’s tomorrow. Yada yada, then he says “yeah, I was born on the 25th of December!” So naturally, his name is Jesus! He said the Taiwan girl is quiet and that the British girl just moved in on Wednesday, but whatever! We don’t have to be best friends. I know there are some German girls around our age in the flat across the hall as well. Afterwards, we went to Pans for lunch, which was SUPER delicious! I'm still not used to this wacky eating schedule here! Well, I’m super tired from all of yesterday’s anxiety, so I’m going to have a bit of a siesta!

Here are some more pictures of the room...I'll put new ones up once I've messed with it!

Un fuerte abrazo,


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