14 September 2008

Let's get 5 euro ducks!!

11 Sept 2008

Happy something Catalan day! I think it’s their independence day or something…someone probably should have told us what it was. Last night we went to the bar, but it was pretty dull there. It seemed like they just wanted to close the bar instead of letting us stay. I mean, I guess it makes sense—it was only Wednesday night after all. Probably would have been different on a weekend. So after we left, we went to Bar Hawaii, or something to that effect, and had some huge and delicious 7 euro drinks! Mine was called Perla de Vicio…scandalous. It tasted like strawberries!! Afterwards, Mark got locked out of our room so we all had a sleepover. Apparently I was talking in my sleep about how “my legs are sooooo cold!” Today we went to Sitges again. It was partly cloudy most of the day, but that didn’t stop us from going native again. Lovely, lovely beach! I also saw a really cute dog. It was sitting near me on the train to Sitges and I think I stared at it the entire time. The lady owner probably hated me for staring at her dog. Me, a scrappy looking American, staring at her upper class little pup…bitch, si us plau. Kelly and I took some stuff over to the piso before dinner, yay! Last dinner was kind of crappy, which made me sad. I’m just sad to leave this area in general. Sad to leave my OpenCor, sad to leave the bar, sad the leave the Maria Cristina, sad to leave the air conditioned dorms…I guess I’ll just have to come back for visits!! Also, Kelly Gawne is my idol. The end.

12 Sept 2008

Official move-out day started terribly. We all agreed to meet for dinner at 9:10 so we would have about 20 minutes to eat our final breakfast in the dorms, but it turns out it ended at 9:00, so we were left hungry and grumpy. To make things more frustrating, the maids were coming around like 3 hours before we were supposed to leave and were like “Are you out? Are you leaving soon? When are you leaving? Will it be soon?” Putas. So we packed up our remaining stuff but then left it in the rooms while we went to El Fornet for some delicious, and rather cheap, breakfast. Why have I never been there before!? I should have caught that train a while ago! Whatever. I took a picture of OpenCor (my lover) and then we took the overly crowded (for some reason) bus numero 16 to the piso and moved everything in. Yay! Then Amy, Carolyn, Kelly, and I went out to run some errands/play! We were going to go to Vodafone first to put some more euros on our phones, but they were super crowded so we decided to go to Blanco instead. They have SUCH CUTE STUFF! I ended up getting a pair of gladiator sandals and an awesome black tank top! LOVE IT! Then we went back to Vodafone which still took a while. Meh. By then, we were starving so we went back to Happy Bar & Grill for the menu del dia otra vez. Very delicious! This time I had macaronis al pesto, pizza catalunya, y something that was like éclair cake? Afterwards, we headed down the Boqueria—the biiiiig outdoor market along la rambla. I ended up getting 2 huge apples and 2 huge nectarines for 2 euros! The fruit stands seriously made my mouth water! The fish and meat stands…not so much. On the way back home, we walked along la rambla and decided we wanted to get ducks, iguanas, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, or plants for our home. Seriously, ducks were only 5 euros! I wanted one so bad =(. Then we found an actual little grocery store about a half a block from our piso—sweet! I got some yogurt, little croissants, jelly, milk, golden grahams, and some wine of course! The wine was for later in the night when we went to Karen’s piso. Umm, that place is ridic! It’s huge, its got wooden floors, Karen has her own huge room with her own bathroom and balcony (and is paying less than me), they have a living room, her roommates are cool as hell, and they have a marijuana plant growing on their communal terrasa! Umm, WHAT?! Fun night though! Her roomies and their friends are super cool. They helped us with our Spanish, yay! AND THEN ALLIE AND HOLLY WOOD SHOWED UP!!! Yay! Chupitos de güisqui y vino para todos!!

13 Sept 2008

I was soooo hot last night…I wasnt even wearing warm pj's and was still really warm. Tonight I think I’ll leave my bedroom door open to make a wind tunnel going through the room. So we got up and decided to do a little more shopping. However, we went to the BK Lounge first! SO DELICOUS, but quite expensive =/ Oh well. I got a tank top and a really really really cute necklace at Clockhouse! There were a bunch of cute clothes and dresses at the other places, but I didn’t want to spend more than 20 euros on an item of clothing. We’re going grocery shopping for real food tonight. I’m not looking forward to cooking for myself! I guess it will be hot dogs, toast, and pasta 4 lyfe!!1!!!!

I actually ended up having a hot dog, some yogurt, and a little of Carolyn’s cheese and raspberries. Meh. It will get better (ojalá). Lee and her friend Cheryl took us over to the bar across the street from the university (Bar Estudiantil?) where we had some drinks before heading out. Then we all took cabs over to this club called Elephant, where we got in for free since Cheryl knows, like, everyone that you should know to get into places free! It was fun! My feet were kiiiiiilling me though since I was wearing heels all night. Oof! There was this creeper dressed as a chief and walking around with a spear and stuff, and he gave me a grand welcome. First he just stared at me. Then he kissed my hand (sick, he was dirty). Then he made boob gestures, said something about me in spanish, Cheryl was like “she understands Spanish, you know,” then he looked at me all scared and made the boob gesture again. WTF?! YOU CREEPER! He kept jousting me with his spear from afar later as well. At least he didn’t do to me what he did to Megan, hahahh! Afterward, we just came home and crashed since I was like 5:30 am. Phew!

I'm still waiting on more pics, so check these links later for more!

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