06 September 2008

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5 Sept 2008

Last night we went to our regular bar and had a chill beer. It’s so nice to just sit around for an hour drinking a beer! Afterwards, we all came home, changed into pajamas and watched Eurotrip in our room! God I love that movie! Today we went to Sitges, which is a really great beach about half an hour away by train. We went through a couple of dark tunnels and I creepily massaged whoever was near me and then was all “mi scuzi” like the creeper in Eurotrip! The beach was GORGEOUS! I mean, like whoa! More than half of us decided to liberate the girls for a while while tanning. Speaking of, I am terrible at putting sunscreen on!! I have the most bizarre sunburn patterns right now, people probably think I have leprosy! But yeah, we went to Buddha Bar for some lunch and then went back to the beach for about 45 more minutes before heading back. We stopped at a gelato place on the way to the train, and it was sooooooo delicious. I got dark chocolate and it was gone within 5 minutes! There were 2 complete winners (read: Spanish losers) talking vulgarly about us. Ummmmm, we’re not stupid. Even if we didn’t speak Spanish, don’t you think we would notice you pointing at us? They eventually caught on that we understood them and were all “OH SHIT!” Whatever.

Went to see Mamma Mia! Instead of going to Mojito since we were all so drained from the beach. SO GREAT! I mean, I had already seen it, but it was still fabulous. There were Spanish subtitles which I enjoyed reading, and a really nice usher who asked us where we were from and got all excited. What a nice old guy. We saw him when we were leaving and he was all smiley and “did you like it!?” What a nice Barcelonean (?).

6 Sept 2008

Move in part 1!! I’ve got the smaller of my 2 suitcases, the front part of my backpack, and my purse. I’ve got SO MUCH to get IKEA, so that might have to be a 2-tripper.

Yeah, so it’s actually turned out to be quite a shitty day. We got to the apartment with no trouble, but we couldn’t open the front door. Jesus had given us like 5 different keys and there are 2 different locks on the front door, so we were all throwing different keys in there and we finally got it after like 5 minutes. I found some sheets, a comforter, & pillows in the closet thing, but they seemed pretty ratty so I threw them above the door and was showered in dust bunnies. Whatever. So we threw our stuff down, yada yada yada. IKEA sucked! No joke, all of Spain and their screaming children were there. We couldn’t find anything we needed since everything was unorganized and in Catalan and kept having to ask questions. We quit half way through and started over on the bottom floor at one point and then we had to wait in line for about 20 minutes to pay, where I also had to PAY for the bag I carried my stuff out in. Really? Whatever, IKEA. We took a very crowded bus back and couldn’t get in yet again. This time we were out there for at least 10 minutes. We had originally planned on making our beds and stuff, but we were all tired, hungry, and wanting to go home. But of course, I had to find the dead cockroach on the floor before I left. Perfect. I still have to buy some Clorox wipes and a power strip since I need more powwwah!! The momster also thinks a nose piercing would get infected easily….crap. Now I’ll actually have to put some thought into this. Everyone else wants me to do it though, hahah! I guess we shall see!

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