09 September 2008

without portugal, spain looks like a t-shirt!

7 Sept 2008

It is currently 7:33 AM on a Sunday and me and 5 others just got home! So we went to our corner bar for some beer and cake (for Amy’s birthday) and then headed over to our usual club—Mojito. And the first person we see? The 29 year old creeper from last time!!!! Yeah! Ridic! The girls all danced together the whole time even though our bar buddies were there. Whatever. So we go to leave and they’re all, “Hey, where are you going now?” Initially, we were just going to take the metro home, but we decided we weren’t tired and we all went back to their bar for more dancing! We all felt bad though because when they opened it, the alarm went off, the police called, and they had to explain their way out of it. Oops. And then we basically danced til about 10 minutes ago. WTF!? Why are they all such good dancers?! Spanish boys y sus trucos! We all felt like shady ladies coming back in after the sun had come up in our dresses and such. Stores were just starting to open, and we were just coming home. Umm, whoa. Funny thing is, that we’ll probably be back there tonight for a beer, haha!

9 Sept 2008


No, I wont fail. But I probably wont do well on the culture exam. Meh! What you gonna do? I can’t believe that ILP is over and that I have to move out completely by the end of this week!! That means I have to become a real person, yikes! It should be interesting having to buy my own groceries and stuff. Not to mention my complete lack of cooking skills! That’s where Kelly comes in—she said she’d teach me the ways. But yeah, I’m going to “go study” now. Hah, that’s a funny joke!

Love you all!


More pics from Amy's birthday!!

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