28 September 2008

he's famous!!

24 Sept 2008

Today we went to the Picasso museum—not as great as I was hoping. I expected to see some of his classic works, but apparently not. It was a tad poorly organized and had a lot of other peoples work in there…kind of strange. But afterwards we went to a place called Enivia or something like that for tapas and sangria. The patatas bravas were so delicious and the spiciest i've had yet!
The pan amb tomat was fabulous as always! We got this meat platter which was not my fave. Oh well, you live and you learn! Later that night, we headed over to Placa de Espanya for a fireworks/fountain show set to music. SO AWESOME! They had fireworks that I had honestly never seen before in the states. The music assortment was so random. They had everything from the Dragonball Z and Teletubbies theme to “Born in the USA” and the Rolling Stones! On the way in, we got handed free sparklers and lighters, so half way through the show everyone lit theirs and it was such an amazing sight! Since it was Steph’s birthday in about an hour, we all headed to the Chupiteria back by our piso. Good times getting Amy drunk! But so we’re just chilling up at the front and these guys in white capes came up to me and were like “hi! Umm, we have a table back there if you want to join me and my friends! We’re celebrating one of my friends birthdays and we have drinks.” So I was all yeah, sure, in a few minutes. So he comes around again and is like “you’re not coming =(“ but I assured him I was, right after kel and ames got their chupitos. So we wandered back there! They yelled! I asked the original guy why they were wearing white capes and he explained that the birthday boy was wearing a king cape and they all just had plain white ones. So then I met the birthday boy, Jordi, who was turning 22--such a cutie! They were all “sit down with us, sit down!” But we decided to head out since we have class tomorrow. When I told them we had class they were like, “noo! What class? I have work and he has an internship, but we’re still here!!” So I apologized and tried walking away, but one snagged me and was all “what’s your name??” So I told him, yada yada. Then we really went to leave and original boy gave us cards and told us to go to this place on them? I don’t know, I’ll have to check those out tomorrow.

25 Sept 2008

I had a dream last night that Ryan died and it really upset me =( So now I just want to talk to him to make sure he’s alive, but he’s not signing on to myspace. Damn him!

Dude, Kevin just sent me a wiki page about our really old professor today and this is what it says:

“Basilio Losada Castro (Láncara, Lugo, 1930), es un traductor español, crítico literario, catedrático de Filología Románica en la Universidad de Barcelona desde 1986 y catedrático de Filología Gallega y Portuguesa, y antes profesor en otros muchos centros universitarios. Traduce al castellano y gallego. Es autor de numerosos estudios críticos sobre la literatura gallega, portuguesa y brasileña. Ha traducido 150 libros en siete lenguas, de autores como Jorge Amado, Saramago, Rosalía de Castro, Pere Gimferrer... En 1991 recibió el Premio Nacional de traducción por Memorial do convento, de José Saramago. Ha recibido además la Creu de Sant Jordi, de la Generalidad de Cataluña;
la Comenda da Ordem do Infante Dom Henrique, que otorga el gobierno portugués; la Ordem do Cruzeiro do Sul, de Brasil; y la Medalla Castelao de la Junta de Galicia. Se jubiló como catedrático el año 2000, aunque sigue impartiendo clases en los programas de diversas universidades norteamericanas en la UB. A los setenta años publicó su primer trabajo de ficción, la novela La peregrina (traducida al italiano por Giuseppe Tavani), ambientada en la Edad Media, período en el que es un gran experto.”

Whoaaaaa, he’s famous! I want him to sign something for me!! He’s in the hospital for something not serious, so his daughter (damn, not his wife) Elena will be teaching us on Monday. Poor Basilio!!

28 Sept 2008

Bust of a weekend...did absolutely nothing. I don’t want to get into it. On the other hand, Ames and I went on a 2.5 hour adventure this morning! We went down to Barri Gotic and walked around the side streets. We saw the big church again, and this time people were there for mass! There were also people outside of the church selling the most beautiful paintings! If I were rich, I totally would have bought some!
We walked into a book store to see if they had the apparently rare book we need for Cine, and they had 2 copies! What luck! We saw a lot of cool shops, bars, and restaurants that I shall have to keep in mind for weekends like this past one! Afterwards, we wandered up the other side of La Rambla and found some more cool little shops. Pricey, but neat stuff. I kept smelling something resembling a campfire and decided that if anything could really make me want to come home, that smell could do it! So much in my life in the States has been connected to that smell…sheesh! Then we came back up by our area and wandered. We found a cute park on Aribau, a new grocery store that I cant wait to check out, lots of cute restaurants, and a crap load of bars. Ive decided that on weekends such as the last, I’m going to go bar crawling up and down the streets by our piso to find out which bars have good prices and good atmosphere!

La Merce

I took about 20 videos from the fireworks show and was too lazy to go through and find the best one, so here's part of the finale =P

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