04 September 2008

16 Snoopy's, por favor!

2 Sept 2008

So it is/was Kelly’s birthday today! We went out to lunch after classes, came home and did some homework, hung out, went to dinner, and then headed out to the chupiteria (a place that sells all shots). SO COOL! No joke, they had a wall of hundreds of shots like Harry Potter (which they light on fire), Finding Nemo (involves fishing a M&M out of a top layer of cool whip before taking it), Willy Wonka (has a piece of chocolate at the bottom), Sants Jordi (our dorm / the dragon slayer), Teletubbie, Snoopy, crème de la crème, top less, bin laden, exorcist, son of a bitch, etc…ALL FOR 2 EUROS EACH! I ended up getting five and buying Kelly 2 for her birthday. I’m super excited that the place is really close to our flat—I want to try most of the shots before I leave!

3 Sept 2008

We hiked over to the Cultural Museum today. Our culture teacher made us walk there so we could go through the Barri Gotic, which was very cool (but dirty). We got to see a church that had a bunch of scars on it from being bombarded during the Guerra Civil. We also walked past the Palacio Real where the royal family was staying when Columbus asked for permission to sail to the States. We actually saw the stairs he walked up!! Ridiculous! We also went into this huge (and famous) church. Insane! Apparently its rarely open for the public to just walk through, so we got lucky! Then we walked through the port area in what I believe was Barceloneta. We were able to see the Barcelona head (yay) and the statue of Cristobal Colon pointing to Italy, his homeland. The museum was really cool! All of it was really interactive and I learned a LOT! Unfortunately, we had to be back at the UB at 12:00 for our last 2 classes…laaaaaame!

Weekend’s tentative agenda:


Move in (partially) to 41 Muntaner

IKEA to get lots of stuff for my room


Lots of homework =(

PICTURES!! I've been putting more pictures into old folders as they surface, so there are usually new pictures in the old links!

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