17 September 2008

why yes, i'm a fatty american!

14 Sept 2008

Amy, Carolyn, Kelly and I went for gelato about 10 minutes ago—FUNNY STORY! So Carolyn and Amy both got petite bowls, but Kel and I decided we wanted mediums since I’m a fatty and Kelly has a sore throat. So I’m like, “medium bowl with chocolate & ___ amb xocolata.” So he makes it and goes “2 spoons?” I just laughed and said “no, it’s for me.” I’M SUCH A FATTY ICE CREAM EATER!! I finished it in record time and now my tum hurts. Oh well.

First day of real classes are tomorrow. Hopefully I cant get all the issues worked out before 10:00 with Aaron. I just want it to be 24 hours from now, so I can settle down!

15 Sept 2008

Today marked the first day of classes. Karen and I wanted outside our program’s office for like an hour since we needed to switch classes, but they didn’t show up til like 5 minutes before class started. It all worked out though. I finally think I’m in the right classes. I’m still going to look into some stuff, but yeah. So my first teacher is a hilarious old man who likes telling stories and making funny sound effects to go along with them. He’s also told us a joke every day at the end of class. What a jolly old man. My next teacher is quite the character. At around 78 years old, he talks like a sloth. I think he thinks we don’t understand him since he asks “¿Me entiendes?” (do you understand me) like every five minutes. Oh well. So he tells us that Spanish isn’t his first language, but his Spanish is perfect. Well, alright! Then he tells us why art is so important to him and how it helped him find a woman. This woman, as it turns out, was one of his students!! Um, whoa! He told us at 19, she was the most beautiful girl ever (and he knows a beautiful girl when he sees one, thanks to art). But he tells us, that in her 50’s she’s not as beautiful as she used to be, but she’s still pretty, ahaha! So we have this suspicion that his wife is this other teacher we have with the same last name and in her 50’s. The investigation continues! Then he tells us, “yeah, I’m probably going to die soon,” and then just continues talking…umm, what?! He accepts death though since he already died once. I know right! He told us he was declared dead, the doctor and the judge both signed the death certificate and he was being wheeled to his autopsy before they realized he was alive again. He said it was a good feeling of clarity and peace? That’s good to know! Yeah, so I just hope he doesn’t keel over and die in the middle of class. I don’t think I could handle that! After classes, Kel and I went to la Boqueria then we made a big pasta dinner that night for the 3 of us, which was DELICIOUS! Later we went to see El Caballero Oscuro (The Dark Knight) in English so Kel could hear Heath Ledger’s voice! We had minor difficulties getting off the train at Les Corts though. So funny! Everyone goes to get off and none of the doors open! So everyone was looking up and down the train and laughing and stuff. Ahh, Spain.

16 Sept 2008

So I found out we’re selling my car due to major problems which marks the first time I’ve cried since I got here. I’m so lame. But I love that car! I’m going to drown myself in ice cream and a good movie night with the girls. Princess Bride, here I come!!

Monthly Rap!!!

Hello Barcelona, it’s very very good to know ya!

Between your frequent manpris and sense of style

I know I’m going to love living here for a while!

Although the older generation is annoyed with us

I still like seeing you and thinking of Franco on the bus!

Speaking of bus, I like your transport!

You rock!!!1 (in short)

OpenCor and Café Niri

You are both so very dear to me!

I only hope that we see each other again,

Because from you I cannot abstain!

Mojito, my discoteca lover--

I would never trade you for another

Although I sweat like a pig

You always play music that I dig!

I like meeting people our age

In conversations, you‘re always eager to engage!

Whether you’re actually helping with my Spanish

Or just laughing at my feeble efforts,

I know I’ve always got your support!

What’s with the dogs everywhere?

I see German Shepherds and I cant help but compare!

On the bus, off the leash on the street, or in a café

These dogs have more privileges than those in the USA!

And with that, I’m going to end my monthly rap

I could go on more, but it would probably be crap.

At home, I hope all is well

Even though that hurricane gave you hell!

To everyone who reads this—I miss you

But now I must go…adéu!

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