02 November 2008

tired of being sexy

28 Oct 2008

So I made the Oreo pie mom sent me without measuring cups and without an electric mixer (which was called for in the directions), and guess what? It turned out famously!! It only lasted 2-ish days in the piso…I finished it off this afternoon, hahah!

1 Nov 2008

It’s been raining a lot here. Cut the crap, Barca! Oh well. Better rain than, I don’t know, magma? So on Halloween morning, the girls and I went in search of something that would give off the appearance we were wearing costumes for the party thing Tedd and Stan had organized. We eventually found stuff at Claire’s so I could be a cat and Kelly could be a mouse. We figured that would be entertaining enough. My cat ears have a tiara on top of them for some reason, I so was a princess cat. The boa I originally asked for as a tail ran up as 14.95 euros….ummm WHAAAT?! That was too ridic, so I told her to give me the other cheaper one. In addition to the bonus of being cheaper, it had shiny things sticking out of it, further complimenting my princess cat disguise. I really wanted to get my cartilage pierced at Claire's, but the guy in the angel outfit said they didnt do that there....drat. After bamming around, we all got half ready for the night and then went to the CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy / Tired of Being Sexy) concert sans ears and tails. SO GOOD! They were sooooo good! Much better live, and their stage presence, especially the lead singer Lovefoxxx, was ridiculous! One of the band members was dressed up as Amy Winehouse for Halloween and even blackened out one of her teeth and wore a shirt saying something about white people, haha! There were costume changes, crowd surfing, and a really funny t-shirt they were selling. Apparently they also love Barcelona, but who doesn’t? So afterwards we came home since it was too early to go out. We dropped some stuff off and put on the rest of our costumes. So we wander over there about an hour and a half after said shindig was supposed to start to find out we were the only people there besides Stan the Mexican and Tedd, Disco Stu. They said that some people had gone down to Espit Chupitos since no one was at La Fira. Well what’s the point of that? Silly. So the roomies and I went in and got one of those big drinks. Big thumbs down. First of all, it was 2,50 more here than at Espit’s, and when I asked which one she suggested, she told us and it was TERRIBLE! Like every sip was pure agony. After finishing that, the thought of any other liquid made me want to gag. Needless to say, I ended up doing a Boy Scout and a Diablo by the end of the night. The first was to get the first drink’s taste out of my mouth (and because it included roasting marshmallows, yaaaay) and the second just because I got to drink a shot through a straw while the shot was on fire, woooo! The Spaniards were all looking and laughing at us since we were wearing costumes….LIKE WE DON’T SPEAK SPANISH! Umm, really? Get a clue people! Not all Americans are as stupid as they look! And if anything, I should be laughing at you for not celebrating this wickedly awesome holiday! I was very happy when others arrived and we invaded the dance floor. Yay!

MOM AND DAD COME ON THURSDAY AND I’M SOOOO EXCITED TO SEE THEM AND GIVE THEM HUGS AND HANG OUT WITH THEM FOR A WEEK! I made some plans for their visit today—half of the stuff on my list I haven’t even seen, haha!! CANT WAIT, CANT WAIT, CANT WAIT!!!!!!

this first one is for Ryan!!

More Pictures!!
Around the piso
CSS Concert
Halloween at La Fira

I'm sure more will be added later, so check back if you're bored/procrastinating

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