19 November 2008

"You can't be so casual about this! This isn't Europe, okay? There are rules here! "

15 Nov 2008

I have so freaking much to do this weekend, uuugh!! Yesterday we went to Montserrat—pretty cool. I had this plan that I would read the book I’m supposed to be reading for cinema class on the bus ride, but I couldn’t read on bus! It was really loud on the bus, so I put on my iPod, but I could still hear everyone talking over it, so I pretty much just had 2 distracting noises. I had to reread it all when I came home =/ It was really cold up by Montserrat! It only got worse when we got up in the mountain, but that was to be expected. Pilar kept saying something about when we got to Montserrat we would be doing something involving a “cremallera” and we all thought it was a dessert place! Very wrong. She said it was a zipper up the mountain, and then I thought we were going zip lining!! Also very wrong. So we take the TRAIN up the mountain and they let us do whatever we wanted. Some of us decided to head up to the monastery because they had a stature of the virgin from the year 800 adentro! So we waiting in line to see it--apparently it used to be very controversial since she is black? Anyways, we went to go to caves but got distracted by the cutest kitten who was crying on the side of the path because she was so cold! So she came over to us crying and we played with her for about a half hour and decided to call her Pumpkin. Since we had blown so much time playing with the poor little kitten, we didn’t have much time left and decided to go back. We put Pumpkin down in hopes that she would go home to her mommy (assuming she has one), but she followed us, crying the entire time! We felt soo bad for her and basically wanted to keep her! After following us half way back to town for about 20 minutes, her wee little legs got to tired and she just sat there crying. It was so hard to just walk away from that poor little, cold, crying kitten. It would be like finding a baby on the side of the road and just leaving it there in the middle of winter!! So we got some lunch and then got back on the bus and headed over to the Codorníu for a tour! We got to see how they make the champaigne (“cava” en espanol porque you can only call it Champaigne if it is from the Champaigne region of France), where they keep and for how long and at what angles, and then we got a quick tour on this cool train thing (I wanna be the driver of that think when I grow up), and then we got to taste some of their new champaigne—SO GOOD!! And then we went home.

So here I am with TONS of homework and I’m doing it on a very strict schedule. Shame on Elena for assigning us a bunch of hard articles that wont help me at all for the test. Boo on her. Soy un esclavo al trabajo =(

19 Nov 2008

YESSSSS, I AM FREEE! History final wasn’t bad at all, literature final was a bit harder than I expected, and there was utter chaos during our cine midterm. So we get our papers and we start working on our exams and everything, and then we hear these sirens. I just assumed they were ambulance or police sirens since that’s all you hear in BCN, but no, it was the fire alarm. So we had to pack up all of our stuff and go outside. We ended up staying out there for about 15-20 minutes before Alberto found us a new room to do our midterm in. There are also big strikes going on at the school for some reason. There was a group of about 50 students blocking the main road and holding signs so there was a ridiculous amount of honking going on. So we go in and I’m working on my midterm, yada yada yada. Let me just tell you, there were 2 questions on the exam, 2 parts to question 1, and about 6 things to discuss in part 1 of question 1. Sooooo, I’m about 2/3 of the way done with part 1 of question 1 when Alfonso’s all like “you have 25 minutes left.” WHAAAAAAAAA?! Aye dios mio, are you shittin me! So I basically scribbled some nonsense answers for the rest of the test. Hopefully it sounded philosophical enough for Alejandro! I went shopping after class and got a cool fleece-ish coat tonight, cooooool. Tomorrow I leave for Paris! So yeah…get excited.


Montserrat & Codorniu trip

there are also a few more pictures up from Mom & Dad's visit--see link in last entry!

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