02 December 2008

Advent calendars!!!

2 December 2008

IT’S DECEMBER, OOOOOMG! So Thanksgiving was pretty interesting. After class, we went and got our hair dyed/cut. I got lowlights put in and then a trim. The way they do highlights is sooo weird. The put it in with a comb, but don’t use foils. Instead they just put cotton balls at the hairline of each division of hair. Once they had put all the color in, I looked like I had lice hives in my head. So weird. And I now see why you don’t leave tips, because literally 3 different people worked on my hair. It was so different. On the way there, we got to see the Rambla and Corte Ingles all lit up—it was sooo pretty! Everyone dressed up and the hotel was gorgeous! It was so nice to have the whole gang back together again and see all of our professors and their spouses lookin all schnazzy. Pilar looked like a movie star. I just hope I look like her when I’m her age, haha! So despues de disfrutar un poquito, we all sat down for dinner to start. First they brought us out this veggie platter with some cool sauce and potatoes in it…that was yummy. Then they brought out the main stuff. Kind of crazy seeing like 10 waiters carrying out turkeys with huge knives stuck in them. So we had to cut them up ourselves, which was kind of funny. The turkey was good despite the fact that it wasn’t very hot. I don’t blame them though—they had to cook at least 20 turkeys. The mashed potatoes were pretty gooey. I believe they were pureed. Yuuugh. The gravy was like water, the corn was cold, and the stuffing was….stringy? However, the wine was bountiful, as was the champagne and good company. I discussed it with a few and we decided we would have much rather had an exquisite Spanish meal than a goofy traditional American meal which probably only made us more homesick. But we all probably had a bottle of wine each. When people were leaving, we flagged Professor Cardona over and made him retell his joke about the Spanish guy going to hell. The joke isn’t actually that funny, but his sound effects sure are! And then he gave us the rest of his wine. Afterwards, a group of us decided to go to La Oveja Negra and Kel and I split a pitcher of sangria. Fun night! I wrote Amy a sweet note when I came home too. I’m so classy.

Friday & Saturday I spend the majority of my day putting up Christmas decorations, yaaaay! So much fun! My room looks, smells, and feels like Christmas (pictures in next blog). I don’t even know why it makes me happy since I wont be home this year. I got really homesick when I was putting up my little Christmas tree all by myself…damn that Trans-Siberian Orchestra and their version of Silent Night!!! It was fine though, I talked to mom and felt better afterwards. Saturday night was the Flogging Molly concert. It turns out that Derek and his friend Mario were going too, so they told me and Kel to go over to their apartment to pregame. Being idiots, Kel and I decided it would be a great idea to get into that Irish character and finished a whole bottle of Bacardi rum. Yeah. We would. Needless to say, Kelly never made it to the concert and I just had the most ridiculous night ever. First I was convinced that I had lost my ticket. When people asked me to check my pockets, I told them it wasn’t in there (it totally was). So Kel gave me hers before she went home and I gave her my keys for some reason, since that totally seemed like a brilliant idea. The concert was super cool except for the fact that I had lost a contact somewhere in the night and couldn’t see out of my right eye. I wanted to take a video when they started to sing “If I Ever Leave This World Alive,” but my batter was in my room charging. D’oh!! At the end of the concert, some of the Flogging Molly band members came down by us and I high fived one of them and he told me I was awesome. That was probably only because I was a drunk, dancing American wearing a tiara and an Irish concert in Spain, but whatever. When I got back home to the piso, I obviously didn’t have keys, but lucked out since there was a pizza guy making a delivery to my building. So I just sneaky snaked in behind him. When I got to my door, I rang the doorbell, but no one answered. After making sure I was at the right door, I sat outside of it for a half hour and called Kelly and Lee nonstop for a half hour. After pondering how terrible it would be sleep on the cold hard floor, I found a Q-tip in my purse, ripped off the fuzz and used it to flip the peep hole slot open from the outside. Hooray! Then I just proceeded to yell Kelly’s name and ring the doorbell until she came and got me. What a ridiculous night!

I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed lately. I think it’s a combo of our teachers giving us ridiculous amounts of homework, the dread of the holidays, and the dread of the end of the semester. I’ll just have to take it one day at a time.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

xoxoxo, Abby

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